Or how to have the same facial expression three pictures in a row… I’m that good, ha!
Tried this beauty today and I had to share IT with you, it’s by Kiki Dumitrescu, you already know her, I just love the great form, length and precise cuts of overcoat. Ok, besides the fun pattern, and you know patterns aren’t usually my cup of tea. 
Why the form, length & co? Because this kind of coats don’t normally suit my body, hello wide hips and broad shoulders, f it, hello hourglass figure! No, seriously now,  love it!
Let me get my fur hat and I can visit Mother Russia 🙂 
ps: check out Kiki’s fb too * wink *
ps2: can you spot it?


  1. September 4, 2014 / 1:04 pm

    E asa de frumos!!!! Imi place macim forma lui. Sa il porti cu drag, Denisa, toata toamna 😀