First of all, I know I look slightly weird with my hand like that, no, I wasn’t dropped on my head as a baby.. or so I’ve been told. Seriously, what can you do with your hands during a photoshoot, keep them awkwardly in the air, no? Seems legit!
Well, a couple of days ago, like I said, I went to the launch of Braun SkinSpa set, will tell you about this one later, and practically after 10 minutes since arrived all hell broke loose and a feisty storm started. I love me some stormy weather. Needless to say that everybody got wet, more or less.. don’t be pervy.

Still,  got to take a couple of pictures that make me realize how big is my shirt, ha! You’ll see a lot of it this summer, because I absolutely love it.. as well as the bag!
MANGO skirt