I came upon an interesting pin the other week that illustrated the three grand essentials to happiness in life, which, according to the pin are:

  • something to do
  • something to love
  • something to hope for
Personally, I do agree a lot, but I would add  another one… something to lose yourself in. Either great books, music, shoesssss, a city, a country or even another person. No, I’m not talking about that, stop it. 
Lately, I’ve been losing myself in  Humans of New York by Brandon Straton from Books Express, the images and most important, the stories behind them are inspiring and quite spectacular. 
And if you want to lose yourself in a city, try Bucharest next week during the third edition of  Special Night Out… Gotta go on the fashion road a bit too. Check out more about the event here.

Be happy and have an amazing Sunday! 
Tomorrow, a little chat about demons…