I was about the to name this post  fishnet tales of the underworld.. it sounds cool doesn’t it? And kinda geeky in the same way. Instead, I’m going to share 3 tips to remain calm in situations you want to beat the crap of someone.  
Just a little background here, we had somewhat of an adventure taking these outfit pics. My photographer, which I love dearly, was about to pepper spray a, how to put it, creep?!? And then asked me, how can you be so calm?
Last week, concerning another situation were I kept my cool, I. told me quote “I might have been patience and calm, C. might have been patience & calm, but you? I can’t believe this, you were so calm”
Told you several times that I have a really short fuse, but lately I’ve been toning it down… Well, most of time * wink *
So, here are 3 tips to remain calm
  1. Ignore the source that’s annoying you… I do this all the time lately, I’m just blocking it.
  2. Walk away from the situation.
  3. Just laugh, laughter will keep you calm.
I’m wearing a fun dress Kiki Dumitrescu surprised me with, love, love the textures & colors mix;   paired it Jean Paul Gaultier x Melissa neon sandals.

Have a great week, babes!

photos by  Opal Studio

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  1. May 20, 2014 / 2:55 am

    I like the outfit-interesting

    As for the tips, sometimes annoying the source thats trying to agitate you can annoy them- rising above working on two levels 😉