I was contemplating to title this post Nude DIY by Maybelline, but hey, that’s too pervy for  even this blog. Just a thought there…
Last week or so, bad with dates, I had the  to occasion to test the new Nude Collection from Maybelline and to welcome Diana Ionescu as the brand’s new official make up artist. Keep an eye on their youtube chanel, because lots of DO IT YOURSELF  fun stuff will come.

As for the Nude part, Maybelline launched four new Color Sensational lipsticks and three Colorama nail polishes in rich nude shades.. and a little glitter here and there.

My personal favorite lipstick is 728 Honey Beige, actually made my lips look a bit fuller, another awesome shade that I got to try during the DIY session, is Color Sensational 906 – Hot Plum, which is ahhmazing. I’m wearing it here, such a beautiful shade…

Aww and the Master Drama Chromatic khol eyeliners are fab, I’ve been using the purple one like crazy, and the Color Tattoo cream eyeshadow too.

Ok, I’m stopping now! Buuut, do check out Maybelline here and on fb too 🙂
The four new lipstick shades are
 710 – Sultry Sand // 725 – Tantalizing Taupe  // 728 – Honey Beige  // 740 – Coffee Craze
 The three new Colorama shades are 227 //  228 // 230
Available in Kendra, Douglas and Carrefour 🙂

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  1. May 7, 2014 / 4:27 pm

    i love the pics.