Outfit post: The Great Gatsby Party

photos by Cristina Hutu
Even though I’ve not seen the movie yet, last week I attended a The Great Gatsby themed party in Finnish. Yes, I’m perfectly aware that I’m not dressed accordingly but I don’t fancy  20’s style dresses for myself that much. Still, I did have a feather boa,  and a headband too but that one went to Koko.
The hairstyle was an improvisation too, but not by me, this was the second try because I had a shock when I saw the first time. My reaction“It looks like there’s something growing on my head”. Don’t believe me, see it for yourself here
 The hairstylist from Finnish who did my hair, was eventually nice enough to change it,  loved the end result …
Well, I had a blast! I always do in Finnish!
My lovely friend Cristina took all of these, isn’t she awesome? Check out a part of her work here, she’s a graphic designer too, a very talented one I may add!
Aww, I’ll post more photos from the party on facebook!

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