Académie Scientifique de Beauté new products + event

That awkward moment when you hit publish before you actually write the post… that’s what happened this morning…
Friday morning I attended a presentation of the new Académie products both for salons and home use by the nephew of brand’s founder. There were a lot of them but I’ll tell you about a couple, plus a review will come up soon.
At the event I got to try the detox, the sunscreen milk, the mist, the body butter and a professional heat body mask which I made & tested. By professional I mean only for salons and spas, such a pity because it leaves your skin silky smooth,  the process of mixing it is really fun and gives you a warm fuzzy feeling after you apply it. Mix the powder with a bit of water and it grows like cake dough and it heats too.  I manage to put spill half of  the powder in the process and it looked like I was baking or working in a crack house… 
A detox draining drink  with 86% nettle, rosemary, dandelion, caraway extracts, sugar free. And guess what? Tastes awesome, like forest fruits tea. Detoxes your body in 10 days and bye bye water retention. I’ve been using it for about 3 days, and so far so good.  
GEL CONCENTRE MINCEUR – Body contour gel concentrate
Non greasy caffeine  concentrate gel based on L-Carnitine which accelerates the lipolysis,  helps drainage and visible reduces the skin’s orange peel texture.  A five week study on 56 women showed decreases of about  3.-3.42 cm in thighs, 2.60- 3,65 cm in waist & abdomen. Now, bet it’s good if you work out and have a healthy lifestyle but considering the draining drink ( which for me is good) I’m inclining to believe the text book text anyway. Aww, and massage, massage is great too.
SOIN EN EAU TONIFYING- Tonifying treatment mist
Alcohol free, scented mist rich in vitamins,  great for stress. Will let you know how that works out.
BEURRE CORPS NOURISSANT- Nourishing body butter
Other than the fact that it has an amazing texture, smells heavenly, it intensively nourishes your skin too.
LAIT SOLAR CORPS- Body sunscreen milk
Now, don’t actually know if it works but I’m telling it fragrance is the best, better than the body butter * wink *, and it’s 100% invisible and non greasy. 
So yes, these are a couple of the new Académie Scientifique de Beauté products that caught my attention. In Romania you can find them all at Topline.

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