life lately

….Caramel coretto and plum tart? Why yes please. And yeah, funny how Costin and me were both dressed in black on Sunday… A glimpse of my umbrella accident, I actually have a couple of fun photos from then, will  probably post them along with a braces update ( of course I was laughing ), I’m threatening you with for a while now. Got a couple of emails & comments about it and I’m very happy about how things are going along. Full on smile very soon…  New snowboarding pants; when  I. called me and told she had a surprise for me from a thrifting session, I was quite curious. Finding out that the surprise was in fact, an awesome and super cute pair of snowboarding pants, which you know I don’t have, I was over the moon. Lately I  had no luck thrifting, last time, when searching for a coat the best pieces I found were men’s and maternity coats. Well, maybe next time…. Delicious dessert, caramelized banana, apple and waffles plus a scoop of vanilla ice cream… A pretty flower window display with roses and & co, I’m not a big fan of red roses but those looked amazing. Tulips are still my favorites though…


  1. February 12, 2013 / 9:44 pm

    Cute photos!