Colorful glasses for spring

Missed the glasses posts? Well, worry no more because they are back. Of course I did not buy another pair of prescription glasses, it will probably take me a couple of more months to do so.
Spring is right around the corner, actually it isn’t but we practice positive thinking over here and besides that, I’m really looking forward to spring and the blog turns 5 on the first day. What do you say ladies, anniversary party? 
This being told, let’s get back to business, colorful reading glasses for spring. Not quite all colorful, but fun nevertheless. 
How amazing is that dotted pair from Goo Goo eyewear.  You actually won’t guess the name of the shade, Ugly Betty Brown, I mean, come on? How can’t you love those glasses and their name? They would go great with a 60s style look. The Goo Goo Eyes collection is known for innovative design, use of interesting colors and fashionable details.
The red numbers are from Goo Goo too (1&2), picture that?  Remember that my first pair of glasses had red details. …Such a pity they broke in less than two months. So again, I can’t help but love the two fierce pairs.  I think that red glasses are really, really fun. Wear them with confidence, spiked boots and leather jacket, *wink*.
The burgundy pair from Anne Klein is a perfect addition to an office ensemble. Now I, personally, would go with red too but I’m not sure how those will blend with different dress codes. Still, burgundy is a great alternative.
Last but not least is the turquoise piece by Emilio Pucci; gorgeous shade, no?  Also, great for reading outdoors are Maui Jim sun readers. Picture a sunny spring afternoon, a swinging chair, rooibos
tea and a good book…
However, I couldn’t find a pair
in emerald green though, still searching!