Valentine’s Day gift ideas

I’m feeling slightly romantic today and even though, Valentine’s Day is in more than two weeks, one can’t be taken off guard, and yes boys, I mean you. And girls too, the best gifts are those that you make to yourself.
 It takes a bit for the order to arrive if you shop online, *wink*.
Teddy bears, chocolates and flowers don’t really make the cut nowadays. Ok, chocolates and flowers do! Especially the flowers… but teddy bears, I don’t know what to say about that.
So, here’s a couple of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for 2013. 
  1. Girls love jewelry and I’m pretty sure most of us would fancy an infinite love necklace.
  2. Perfumes, but you must do a little research before you buy her one. Lalique perfume
  3.  Lingerie, hehehe, again, ladies love pretty lingerie, well I do, a lot…use special code REWARD10 to enjoy 10% off the Valentine’s Day Shopping Guide at Cosabella! And don’t forget the flowers!
  4. Cute stuff, Mulberry key chain, and it’s on sale too.
  5. Feeling rather generous, gift her a boyfriend watch. That one is part of the men’s  Invicta watches collection, but gorgeous nevertheless. Giving her one of yours, if it’s wearable of course, might be fine too. Still, I’d stick to getting a new one.
  6. Books, seriously, if she doesn’t appreciate the gift that’s a not good sign dude… I vouch for My Life Next Door by Huntly Fitzpatrick  and Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan. For fashionistas, go for Grace.
  7. A cute wallet, it’s pink so it kinda works. Kate Spade  ‘cobble hill – little stacy’ wallet
  8. A piece of jewelry containing a heart, and no, not a heart like in the first season of Once Upon a Time…remember how that ended, if not, google it:) C. Wonder Hearts Aflutter cuff bracelet, use VDAY15 for 15% off.
  9. Marc Jacobs can’t do no wrong… 
  10. Diptyque candles are awesome! Candles in general are awesome, ok, decorative ones.
  11. And again Marc Jacobs can’t do no wrong… well, you can print a photo him too to go with these adorable headphones, I’m sure she’ll appreciate it, or not.
More tips:
Don’t get her: a sandwich maker, frying pan, gym membership card, vacuum cleaner & so on.  Also, gift cards are great too or you can organize an awesome date.  So I don’t forget, a single rose makes you look like a cheapskate.
Me and my ten cats wish you a happy Valentine’s day!
Gift ideas for him soon… 


  1. January 30, 2013 / 12:07 am

    some really nice finds here! thanks for sharing!!