How to wear a little black dress

One Little Black Dress, Infinite Looks 

For those who routinely find themselves panicking about what to wear before every big event then splurging on an overpriced outfit they’ll never wear again, here’s a chance to break the cycle. An investment in one elegant little black dress is all that’s required. With the right accessories, this wardrobe staple can be transformed into outfits that go everywhere.
The Office
A little black dress is a great alternative to a suit in the boardroom. A tailored blazer or fitted cardigan ups the modesty factor while a pair of pumps has sex appeal. Simple jewellery looks most professional. A long, slim pendant looks best with higher necklines, and a short strand of beads is perfect for lower ones. A leather briefcase or tote is business-professional, and a ponytail or simple twist looks business-like without being too severe. A fitted, flattering trench coat completes the look.
Date Night
A go-to black dress is the perfect way to seem effortlessly stylish for a romantic dinner out or a wherever-the-night-may-take-us rendezvous. If the dress is sleeveless and covering up would lend a confidence boost, a shrug sweater or soft Pashmina can do the trick without spoiling the romantic look. Dangling earrings or a statement necklace call attention to the face, and a sexy pair of peep-toe pumps or strappy sandals finish off the look. Hair that begins the night in a twist can be let down as the evening progresses.
Girls’ Night Out
Little black dresses were made for stepping out on the town. A wide, colourful belt or some funky, patterned tights add colour to the outfit and make for a playful look. A black leather jacket and wicked boots are the epitome of cool, while a denim jacket and stacks of bangle bracelets are more casual. A large brooch adds flair to any jacket, and a tiny clutch purse is all that’s needed for a night out with the ladies. This season’s shimmery metallic fabrics are fun to accessorize with, too. A silver scarf, gold belt or metallic heels are great ways to glam it up.
Casual Get-Together
For casual dinners with friends or low-key house parties, little black dresses can be worn with cropped jackets or wrap sweaters and a pair of pretty flats. Hair can be left down, and jewellery should be limited to things like stud earrings and a strand of pearls or a simple necklace. A trendy fur vest and a pair of boots are another way to dress down this look.
Formal Events
These are the occasions little black dresses dream of. Jewellery can be big and sparkly. A statement necklace, cocktail ring and earrings dripping with stones are perfect accessories. Belts should be elegant, slender with delicate buckles, and purses should be small, too. A sophisticated up-do showcases the neckline and back of the dress. Special-occasion outerwear like dress coats and capes are perfect for formal events and stylish heels will mingle nicely at the bar or dance the night away.
The right little black dress should be as versatile as you need and obviously you will need several accessories to compliment the same dress and give it a different look but this is an awful lot cheaper than buying an entirely new outfit every time you have a wedding, job interview, funeral or date. What is great is to find one that compliments you shape and height whether you are dressing down with legging and belts or dressing up with tights and killer heals. You should look for something with a classic style and a little sparkle this way it will not become dated or ever look out of place.
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