• The best hair treatment I ever had

    I had my fair share of hair treatments, but my hair is super soft & silky and always had it’s way in the end. Used so many products and I’ve seen results, but no instant ones, only after several uses.

    When the Kerastase team invited me to try a custom hair treatment targeted on my hair needs at Urban Beauty Corner in Bucharest, I instantly said yes, but didn’t expect a big difference in my hair’s texture & co.

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  • Cadou de Crăciun? Ce ați spune de căști super cool?

    Nu cred că sunt singura care am intrat deja in fibrilația cadourilor de Crăciun. Nu prea știu de ce pentru că am aproape toate cadourile covered. Bine, inca aștept să îmi ajungă niște colete. Și voi simțiți deja această ”grijă” e drept plăcută, însă tot un soi de grijă este, nu-i așa? Mai ales atunci când nu știi ce anume și-ar dori persoana căreia vrei să-i faci o surpriză de Sărbători. Și nu ai nici inspirație… Un clip cu cadouri de Crăciun mai altfel, next week pe youtube!

    Eu de exemplu îmi cam pierd căștile destul de des, prin casă ce-i drept, dar am trei perechi de căști și la un moment dat am nu mai găseam nici una!

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  • COOKING | Light spring rolls & Asian Chicken

    A  week or so ago,  I met up with my lovely Sinziana from ProjectFairytale, known as Somacul also, and assisted her in cooking two delicious and super easy meals: Light spring rolls & Asian chicken.

    Why do I say light spring rolls? Because there are not deep fried like most of the spring rolls around here and are more yummy too. You practically trow a bunch of chopped vegetables in a rice sheet and that’s that.

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  • On the list: BaByliss Liss Brush 3D

    I’ve already gotten a big chunk of this years Christmas gifts and already received mine or know what I will get. Buuut, yes, there’s always a but, I have my eye on a  straightening brush, because everything looks so simple with it.

    BaByliss just launched their first straightening brush, Liss Brush 3D, and I had the pleasure to attend the event that kicked off everything. Besides, explaining all the technical details, will get to that asap, there was a demo of the product and I was impressed how easy is to use it. Like brushing your hair, just a big backwards as you need to keep the brush with the bristles up, not down, because they are hot.

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  • 7 anti-aging tips & tricks

    If you watch my youtube videos you know that I have this obsession with my face “falling off”, due to certain factors. Though this is mainly a joke, I started to use anti aging products and certain foods at a young age.

    Both my mom and dad have a great skin and look younger than their age, so, finger crossed, hopefully I got some of their genes. I know there’s a big social pressure for women and sometimes men to look young,  I personally don’t agree with some of the extreme measures some people go to look according to the “media & co”, but again, everybody is free to do what they want with their own body. This said, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to care of your skin, which I advocate strongly.

    I’ve recently started to reduce the intake of dairy, which is kinda hard as I’m a big fan of everything that contains milk, but I’m getting there. Why did I due it? Because of some health issues and to help my skin look better. I didn’t give it all up and in three weeks my skin looks better. I’ve seen some improvement, hopefully isn’t placebo, ha!

    So, there are many ways to improve the way your skin looks, from products to certain aliments & more.


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