• When you want to be bossy & cozy

    Everyday I scroll through my fb memories and see how much I changed over the years. I swear, I think fb is doing this intentionally ’cause sometimes I go through the rabbit hole and remember those days, think how everything was like I’m a senior citizen.

    Personally, I didn’t deal with all of them changes and me then vs now, but it’s ok, I will, eventually πŸ™‚

    On a more brighter note, I finally get to post these outfit pictures taken about a month ago, shame on me.

    What if I told you that I have two more outfits waiting to be posts… Yes, yes, very productive panda!Β 

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  • 16 dreamy wedding dresses for the bride, bridesmaid & guests

    I know the wedding season ended in Ro, but not everywhere! I’ve always thought that a winter wedding is a great idea, anything but a summer wedding is great idea. I do not know, but I have a little aversion with summer wedding, mainly because is extremely hot and I’m a sweaty person, ha!

    If you are thinking of getting married or you got proposed, proposed to your soulmate, you’re a bridesmaid or simply planning to attend a wedding in the future, I have a couple of dresses suggestions, from affordable bridesmaid dresses to celebrity inspired ones and so on, from Lunss.com

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  • Cum decurge o consultatie gratuita de piele la Kiehl’s?

    Ladies, nu stiu daca ati vazut pe facebook & instagram, dar saptamana trecuta am avut un concurs simpatic prin care am ales 5 cititoare awesome care sa mearga cu mine la aniversarea magazinului Kiehl’s din Baneasa Shopping City.

    Eu sunt mare fana Kiehl’s, am incercat produsele lor pentru prima oara acum doi ani in Roma unde mama a facut ravagii in magazin si si-a luat tot felul de creme si cremute. Cand s-au lansat la noi am fost tare bucuroasa, pe langa produsele super bune, toata partea de branding e ahhmazing. And again, you know I’m a sucker for pretty packages.

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  • The Sketch in Fashion- How Things to Draw Influence a Fashion Designer

    Drawing can be described as a process that is evolutionary and one that is very fundamental to the communication of ideas. This is just as true when it comes to fashion designing as the diversity of the constitution of fashion drawing today leads to the creative visions of designers and illustrators alike.

    The basic fashion design

    Drawing in fashion provides a visual introduction to different styles. Most of the time, fashion drawings are characterized by movement and gesture and both of these are suited for exploring the fashion figure from life. Part of the drawings allure is the effortless style and at times, it is usually the result of a very careful selection of lines as well as what’s left for the viewers’ imagination. In regards to this, it is of utmost importance to note the value of drawing in the fashion industry as well as that of drawing quality lines.

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  • What happens at antique auctions?

    For most of us, the only glimpse we’ve had at an auction is via day-time TV shows, but auctions are making a significant comeback and are an ideal place to find jewellery, furniture and other vintage items. From antique auctions in Ireland to jewellery auctions in Devon, people are putting their prized items under the hammer more and more. Here’s a quick over view of the auction process from start to finish, and what you need to be aware of if you’re thinking of clearing out the attic and selling some of your rusty family heirlooms.

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